What Services Does Chrispos Home Care Provide?

What Services Does Chrispos Home Care Provide?

CHRISPOS Home Care Services LLC provides non-medical companion care and personal care services. Our home care services let elders enjoy their independence and stay in the comfort of their own homes.

We're here to assist seniors and individuals with disabilities, in maintaining dignity and independence while remaining in the comfort of their own homes. Our personalized approach is tailored for each individual, making us a reliable choice when it comes to looking after your loved one's needs.

What does "Aging in place" mean?

Aging in place is one of the "solutions" offered for helping an older person to remain independent. It is based on the concept that if you stay in your own home, it is less likely that you'll suffer from loneliness and isolation.

This was found partly due to the aging population worldwide, extending average life expectancy, and increases in chronic disorders such as diabetes mellitus.

Is In-Home Care services a better option than nursing homes and assisted living?

For many of clients, their home is reflective of longstanding family memories and a sense of comfort. It is not easy to replicate that sense of security after they have moved to assisted living or a nursing home.

If you are still uncertain about which option would be best for your loved one, consider speaking with an expert in long-term care who can help you understand the different options available in your area. You could also talk with your loved one's doctor, who may be able to make recommendations based on medical needs.

Here are some factors to consider before opting for in-home care versus nursing home care:

  1. Does the individual need assistance with activities of daily living?
  2. Can the individual live independently with minimal supervision?
  3. Prepare a budget for caregiving services or residents in a care facility.
  4. Is there a significant risk their condition will decline rapidly?

Does Chrispos Home Care Provide Services in Assisted Living Facilities?

Yes, In cases where the help provided is not sufficient to enable them to remain independent, for this reason, Chrispos Home Care provides qualified caregivers in assisted living facilities as well.

How soon can In-home care services get started?

On average, services can be provided within 48 hours and sometimes, the same day.

Need help with making the right decision for your loved one?

Need help with making the right decision for your loved one?

Contact Chrispos Home Care to find out more about our home care plans. Care coordinators are available to discuss your loved one's needs during a free home care consultation.